Some of our achievements

It has been a long and winding road from the first discoveries to the success of the MycoCube.
Here are a few milestones.


We discovered our first oil-degrading fungi

While exploring the unique ecosystems of Stockholm's Kungsträdgården metro station, the discovery of oil-degrading fungi with encapsulation abilities inspires the concept of using fungi as bio-microtreatment plants.


First minor prototypes

The first attempts to take the fungal-based innovation from the lab to an application takes place.


MycoMine sees the light of day

The four co-founders start MycoMine.


The Skapa award

We win the Skapa prize in Stockholm for the innovative MycoCube.


We are being accelerated!

Two start-up accelerators take us under their wings: Sting and Produktionsänglar.


Our first prototype

We install our first scaled-up fungal-based treatment plant in Ytterby mine. Thanks Fortifikationsverket!


We win Åforsk entrepreneur stipend

We recieve the Skapa Åforsk entrepreneur stipend


We win Swedish Mining Innovation

This secures funding to develop the MycoCube for heavy metal extraction and recycling.


MycoMine move

We move into our office space in Årsta, Stockholm, complete with a  lab, workshop, and office under the same roof.


MycoCube is a success

The treatment plant shows remarkable capacity. 99.9% hydrocarbon degradation.

Our goals

Our goal is to solve environmental debts as well as prevent new ones.

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